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The Most Important Things to Remember

Don't rush

Make sure you take your time before making any decisions. Unless it is your tactic to play fast.


Think! Think while playing cards. If you get too much good time and forget to think you will probably lose money.

Big pot

If you have a good hand, raise the pot immediately. This way you will eliminate all players with bad hands.

World Series of Poker...

In 1970, the World Series of Poker began as an invitation-only event. Benny Binion, the legendary Las Vegas casino owner, invited a few of the world’s greatest poker players and card dealers to his famed Horseshoe Casino to discover who was the best player on the planet.

World Series of Poker

In poker, the only way to win is to wager a large sum of money, and the only way to win a large sum of money is to bet a large sum of money. Poker is a game that necessitates calculated and well-timed aggression.

– Pohon Poker

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Poker Psychology from Perspective of an Poker Player

Erik Seidel first came to my attention in the same way that many poker newcomers do. I was watching Rounders, a 1998 Matt Damon film about a brilliant law student who pays his way through school by playing poker and eventually quits law to play full-time.  A real-life poker game is being played in the…
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The Psychology of Uncertainty in Poker

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Poker Bluffing Strategy: How to Always Outwit Your Opponents?

Bluffing is the act of betting or raising in order to force your opponent to fold a better hand. If your opponent folds, you will automatically win the pot regardless of the card in your hand. In poker, you can win the pot by either having the best hand or a successfull poker bluffing strategy.…